Today Voltage Control Lab is launching our new High Voltage Workshop Series, a collection of masterclasses on focused modular hardware and software subjects including getting into Eurorack modular synthesis, learning Reaktor Blocks and much more. We’re starting with 3 workshops that mix some topics discussed in our online courses with more in-depth examinations of certain topics.

Our first High Voltage Workshop will be a primer on getting into modular synth and Eurorack, and some of the critical topics to consider when entering the field. The next week will feature some interesting uses for the Roland Aira Modular EFX and the associated customizer app, including building synth voices inside of the module. After that, we’ll present a masterclass on Live Performance Techniques with Maschine, including some simple connections to external gear (such as a modular system).

Getting Started in Modular Synth – November 14th 12PM-2PM PST

This workshop will cover the basics of Modular Synthesis, from what you’ll need to start a system to how different modules work and communicate. You do not need a modular system to benefit from this class, just an interest and pen and paper!

Sound Design w/ Roland Aira Modular & Customizer – November 28th 12PM-2PM PST

This workshop will examine the expanded functionality in the Roland Aira Modular EFX modules. We will look beyond the simple effects into the software-based modular system where we can completely remake these modules into Oscillators, Filters or complex voltage controllable instruments.

Live Performance w/ Maschine – December 5th 12PM-2PM PST

Expanding on our Maschine course, we’ll look at some advanced techniques for live performance with the powerful controller and software. We will look at the Maschine Sampler, midi controlled effects and examine the performance techniques of pad based artists.

Email us to Sign Up at info@voltagecontrollab.com!

We will be rolling out more High Voltage Workshop topics and dates in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Check out our online courses for a deeper understanding of modular synthesis!

New High Voltage Workshop Series

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