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ALM has had a string of hit modules, with the successes of Dinky’s Taiko (a highly modulatable drum module) and the recent Akemie’s Castle (a 4 operator FM beast). Now ALM brings us the newest in their line of modules, a revision on their previous Sid Guts module, the Sid Guts Deluxe. Based on the original Commodore-64 sound synthesis chip, the Sid Guts sought to re-imagine one voice of this classic sound, including 2 Oscillators (one acting as a modulation source) and a Multi-Mode Filter.

Sid Guts Deluxe includes many of these same features. The main Oscillator is allows for the selection of one of four waveshapes, Pulse, Ramp, Triangle and Noise. Control of the Pulse width is possible, as is using the secondary modulation Oscillator for Ring Modulation or Syncing the Oscillators. The Sid Guts Deluxe also introduces the use of the third Oscillator on the SID chip, allowing for chord performance of 10 different chord shapes as well as chord inversion.

Sid Guts Deluxe includes a similar Multi-Mode Filter to the original as well, featuring 12 dB/Octave Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch settings with both Frequency Cutoff and Resonance controls and CV inputs. The Filter can also receive an external audio input, depending on which SID chip you use.


And this brings us to the SID chip. Sid Guts Deluxe does not include one, however many dealers are expected to package the SwinSID chip emulator. Otherwise you’ll have to provide your own, but never fear, they are out there. And if you can’t find a vintage SID chip (which ALM warns get very hot) you can try the SwinSID nano which can be found online at a fairly inexpensive rate. Just be sure to give the manual a thorough read through!

Sid Guts Deluxe should be a fun module, and allows us to integrate old technology into our new synthesizers for classic musical effects. Can’t you see yourself doing old video game theme music covers already?

What do you think of Sid Guts Deluxe? Let us know in the comments!

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Sid Guts Deluxe from ALM

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