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It’s been a crazy week at Voltage Control Lab, so there’s no better time for our latest live performance video, this time from Anthony Baldino! This is another performance from the most recent Modular On The Spot, continuing the series of live videos we’ve brought you over the past two weeks with Ted Butler and Rodent. We’ve had some great music so far, and this new set will not disappoint.

Anthony Baldino is a Los Angeles based sound designer and composer. His work has been heard in video games and trailers for blockbuster feature films including Marvel’s The Avengers, Prometheus and Zero Dark Thirty, among others. These cinematic influences are apparent in his work, feeding into this epic performance. His focused yet relaxed demeanor are juxtaposed against the crushing tension of the music, a master at work.

Prior to moving to LA, Baldino attended Berklee College of Music, where he encountered the amazing collection of minds and personalities in the Music Synthesis (now Electronic Production & Design) Department. The experimental boiler room that is the Berklee Music Synthesis student body happened to be especially ripe in the last decade (I might be biased, since I was there to witness it). Matt Moldover, Memory 9, and Encanti come to mind, among many others, as artists who flourished during and after their time at the school. So many of the students of that period have gone on to create amazing bodies of work, so Baldino is in good company.

Modular on the Spot has become a monthly staple for modular fans in the Los Angeles area, growing from a relaxed gathering in LA’s Marsh Park along the LA River. In it’s 3rd installment, the event moved down the riverside a few yards to the Spoke Bicycle Cafe, which provided a comfy outdoor setting with great coffee and a relaxed atmosphere. The September edition of Modular on the Spot featured Cyrus Rex, Ted Butler, Rodent, myself (Computo) and Anthony Baldino.

What are some great live modular performances that enjoy? Post them in the comments!

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Anthony Baldino Live at MOTS

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    • June 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm

      Hey Michael! Which part of the country/world are you located in? There might be people near you that you haven’t found yet! Modular on the Spot is always trying to extend their reach, and have opened up the name and hashtag to anyone who wants to organize an outdoor event… They’ll even help you figure out what you need… @modularonthespot on Instagram. 🙂


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