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Tsyklon Labs announced their new line of Eurorack modules this weekend, including four 3U modules and a handful of 1U “tiles”. A newcomer to the module design scene, Tsyklon Labs is already producing small quantities of tile modules, as well as a number of DIY kits for their tiles. Now the company is taking orders for their first Eurorack module in their Kosmodrom line, a passive DI called Core.

While Core seems like it will be particularly useful for modular users looking to input signals into their system (which could be especially useful for applying modular effects to recorded sounds or live instruments) some of Tsyklon Labs coming modules look even more intriguing.


The complex clock divider called Chaos Divider looks particularly interesting, featuring a number of different division modes including the Fibonacci sequence and prime numbers. Coupled with its expander module, the Sputnik, this looks like it could be a formidable clock module. Virtually every function on the panel is CV controllable, offering the ingredients for some unique time divisions.

Tsyklon Labs currently offers a number of tile modules, 1U sized mini-modules that usually serve specific purposes, such as multiples and CV attenuators. Tsyklon is starting to take the idea in another route, creating an arcade button-style controller called the BTN MASHR as well as TRACE, a fascinating miniature oscilloscope.


Tile modules seem to be growing in popularity with modular users and manufacturers alike. Many case designers have started including rows dedicated to simple tile modules, which can save premium space in the standard 3U module rack. A number of other companies offer tile modules as well, including Erthenvar and Synthrotek, both of whom make some well known tile modules, like the Pulplogic haptic control tile, FSR and the Synthrotek Stereo Mixer.

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Tsyklon Labs Introduces New Modules

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