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We’ve been having a blast with the Sputnik 5-Step Sequencer and Selector modules (be sure to check out our Sputnik Selector Giveaway!) the past couple of weeks, and really appreciate the support that you’ve given us on our videos and blog! In a discussion on the MuffWiggler forums, someone asked if it was possible to Mute certain steps on the Sequencer. And while there are no mute buttons or step skipping functions built in, it got us thinking… With a bit of finagling, it is possible to mute steps on the 5-Step using another module, in this case the legendary Make Noise Maths.

Maths is like a Swiss Army knife for your modular. It can generate basic modulation functions, like LFOs and Envelopes, as well as Envelope Following, Signal Summing and much more. Maths is a useful addition to any other module, and can add depth to any other module with CV inputs. In this case, we are using the Sum output from Maths, which adds different signals together using Maths built in Mixer.


Using Maths channels 1 and 4 together, we can generate positive voltage envelopes for each step of the sequence on Channel 1, as well as negative voltage envelopes for certain steps (routed from the 5-Step Pulse Outs) on Channel 4. If those envelopes are the same shape, whenever the Channel 1 and 4 envelopes are triggered simultaneously, they will cancel each other out. The positive signal is nullified by the opposite negative signal when output from the Sum port, resulting in the effect of a muted note. Watch the video for the walk through and more details!

Tomorrow, we start up our month long online Maths course! The course explores possibilities with each channel on Maths, and how these channels can be combined to create even more complex results. As with this video, we also explore useful applications for Maths, putting these functions to musical use. There’s still time to join us, check out our Maths page and hop in while you can!

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Wondering what the heck Maths is and why you’d need it? We also offer a Modular 101 course!

5-Step Muting with Maths

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