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Continuing our Live Music series, today brings an eclectic set from one of the founders of the Modular On The Spot events here in LA, Rodent. He and Bana Haffar (who you might recognize from the recent Moog Mother 32 promotional videos) started Modular On The Spot this past summer, as a way to get modular synths out of the studio, into a more natural setting.

Eric “Rodent” Cheslak is an accomplished artist and photographer, splitting his time shooting for The Skateboard Mag and representing MuffWiggler (which is how I first met Rodent, at a MW pop-up event during Downtown LA’s Artwalk). Raised in Washington DC, Rodent has been working with synthesizers for over 20 years. He first came in contact with the Eurorack world while living in North Carolina years ago, making his way to Asheville to meet with Make Noise’s Tony Rolando. Rodent also spent time learning many of the ins and outs of Eurorack with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe aka Lichens in Brooklyn.

Rodent can often be found beta-testing modules and assisting with product design, promotion and demonstration for companies like Make Noise, Noise Engineering, Sputnik Modular, Malekko Heavy Industry, Moog Music, and Qubit Electronix.

Modular on the Spot has become a monthly staple for modular fans in the Los Angeles area, growing from a relaxed gathering in LA’s Marsh Park along the LA River. In it’s 3rd installment, the event moved down the riverside a few yards to the Spoke Bicycle Cafe, which provided a comfy outdoor setting with great coffee and a relaxed atmosphere. The September edition of Modular on the Spot featured Cyrus Rex, Anthony Baldino, Rodent, myself (Computo) and Ted Butler.

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Rodent Live at Modular On The Spot

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