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Continuing our examination of the Sputnik Modular Selector (don’t forget, we’re giving one away!), we’re moving on to combining it with the new Sputnik 5 Step Sequencer. The 5 Step Sequencer is a great self-contained sequencer with some bells and whistles that can be very handy.

The 5 Step uses 4 separate rows of 5 voltage stages, each stage can be set to a specific voltage using the corresponding knob. Each row has a unique output, allowing the 5 step patterns to be sent to different destinations in the modular system. Using the Stage Select section, certain steps can be selected by pressing one of the 5 buttons, or sending a trigger into the CV input for any stage. There are also 4 switches, normally set in the up position to enable all 5 steps in the sequence, which can be turned off to limit the length of the sequence to 4, 3, 2 or 1 steps.


The 5 Step also includes a built in clock source called the Pulser which has a wide tempo range of one pulse every .002 seconds to one every 10 seconds. The sequencer can also be triggered using it’s Trig. In CV input. Along the top of the 5 Step lies the Pulse Out section, which includes trigger outputs for each individual step.

Using all of some of these functions paired with the Selector, we can sequence our 4 rows of 5 stages to play one after another, effectively turning our 5 step into a 20 step sequence. By patching each row output into the corresponding inputs on the Selector (A to A, B to B, etc…) we can switch through the rows, sending the output to an oscillator or some other destination. If we patch the Pulse Out from step 1 on the 5 Step into the Trig input on the Selector, the sequencer will trigger the Selector to switch from row to row on step 1, resulting in the sequential switching of each row in time with the length of the sequence.


This handy functionality will work with any sequential switch and multi-channel sequencer, but the 5 Step and Selector are pretty sweet together! Rodent from MuffWiggler showed me this technique at a MuffWiggler pop-up store in the LA arts district a while back. Be sure to check out his live performance video from Modular on the Spot which we’ll be posting this week!

What sequencer and switch combo are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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Sequencing your Sputnik 5 Step

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