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The new Loquelic Iteritas from Noise Engineering has been showing up in stores this week, delighting fans of the esoteric module company. This latest offering is an algorithmic dual oscillator crammed into a fairly small footprint. The module uses three types of synthesis applied in some unique ways to achieve some otherworldly sounds.

The first algorithm employed is the VO function, based on the VOSIM tone-burst voice synthesis model. Oscillator B amplitude modulates Oscillator A, which is sent through a wave folder to further color the sound. The result is reminiscent of a classic gritty synthesized vocal tone, which can be modulated by adjusting the Morph, Damp, Mod and Fold controls.

From the AES Library

VOSIM (VOice SIMulation) sound synthesis is based on the idea that by employing repeating tone-burst signals of variable pulse duration and variable delay, a sound output of high linguistic and musical expressive power can be obtained.

The Loquelic Iteritas also employs a form of Summation Synthesis, a method similar to frequency modulation but with more exacting control of the harmonic shape of the sound.

From the Loquelic Iteritas manual

This equation allows a wide variety of musical spectra to be produced by only two parameters. Loquelic Iteritas generalizes the sinusoidal terms into multi-waveform oscillators: two of these track the two input pitches while the third tracks the difference of the two pitches and adds a wave folder for more harmonics.

The final synthesis mode is a form of Phase Modulation, combining amplitude modulation on each oscillator with phase shifting for complex results. The module also includes complex sample rate shifting based on the tuning of the oscillators.

From the Loquelic Iteritas manual

Two independent sample rates combine to form one irregular sample rate. Sample rate is not a constant.

I was lucky enough to get a demo from the creator of this device, Stephen McCaul from Noise Engineering at a recent synth meet. The synth sounds wicked. If it is as popular as his previous drum synth, the Basimilus Iteritas, the Loquelic Iteritas could be a hit.

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Loquelic Iteritas from Noise Engineering

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