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WMD announced 2 new modules last week, as a part of their ongoing collaboration with Steady State Fate (aka SSF) which included the MMF or Multi-Mode Filter and the DPLR Delay module. Both will be shipping this week, according to an update on the WMD website. The MMF and DPLR modules are tiny, each only 4HP in width and 25 millimeters and 45 millimeters in depth, respectively.


The Multi-Mode Filter is a lot filter in a small package. It is a 2 pole filter with high pass, band pass and low pass outputs. In addition, the MMF also includes a complex input section. There is, of course, an input for the signal which is to be filtered, as well as a 1V/Octave input for control of the frequency cutoff and a CV input for resonance. The MMF will self-oscillate at high resonance settings, generating a tunable sine wave.

Things get especially interesting with the FM and Ping inputs. The FM input allows for frequency modulation of the cutoff knob which can generate some great wet or metallic sounds, among others. The Ping input acts as a vactrol-like envelope on the cutoff, likely similar to the Strike inputs found on some Make Noise modules. The Ping input can be switched via a jumper on the back of the module to control the FM input, which could yield some very interesting results.

The DPLR is a delay module with 11 different types of delays accessible through the button at the top of the panel. The input signal is split between Out A and B, each following the same Delay (time), Regen (feedback) and Amount (dry/wet) however the outputs can be offset using the Spread function. The Spread offsets only Out B, creating an opportunity for interesting Ping-ponging stereo delay effects among many other classic delay sounds.

The partnership between WMD and SSF seems to have produced some great modules, that not only sound great but save a lot of space in the rack. Are you a fan of the WMD and SSF alliance and the modules they’ve produced? Let us know in the comments!

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WMD & SSF Announce MMF and DPLR

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