We’re partnering with Sputnik Modular to give away one of these awesome Selector modules, a handy four input sequential switch that serves many different functions… So we’re making a series of tutorial videos to demonstrate the power of the Selector and a few fun routings you can do with any sequential switch.

The Selector can receive 2, 3 or 4 input signals and toggle between them randomly or in different directions, sending the currently selected signal to the output. There are two additional buttons and inputs, Trig for controlling when the Selector switches between the inputs and Reset, which resets the sequence back to input 1. There is an additional (and very handy) Invert output, which sends an inverted version of the selected input. This can provide some interesting results which we will explore in another upcoming video.


Our first Selector video examines using the switch to toggle through 4 different wave shapes to create a more complex result. By routing basic shapes into the A, B and C inputs on the Selector, we can then use a square wave to both input D as well as the Trig input to toggle between all 4 waves at the frequency of the square wave. The result (with some tuning and tweaking) combines the 4 incoming waves in a sequence, creating a complex shape that repeats every 4 cycles.

Using some of the features on a complex Oscillator can yield even more interesting timbres, especially when the waves are hard synced to our square wave to restart at the same time. Changing the frequency of the other Oscillators then contorts and compresses those waves, restarting them in time with the square wave for interesting timbral results while maintaining the perceived pitch of the tone.

We are giving away on Sputnik Modular Selector! Check out the details here!

How are you using your sequential switch? Let us know in the comments!

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Sputnik Selector Waveshaping Tutorial

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