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Black Market Modular has posted a series of videos about their newly released Colour Palette module, a Eurorack adaptation of the existing 500 series module of the same name from DIYRE. The device is an open source, customizable triple VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) that can be modded via the back panel.

By affixing specially designed circuit boards (called “Colours”) to the back of the module, the three VCAs can be individually swapped out for other circuits, including filters, distortions or other effects. A few existing modular manufacturers have partnered with Black Market to produce their own “Colours” including WMDevices as well as a number of 500 series module developers like DIYRE, TB Audio and Louder Than Liftoff.


Programmable modules are becoming more common in the modular sphere, most requiring Arduino programming like the Snazzy FX Ardcore, or some sort of software interface like the Roland Aira modules. The Colour Palette takes this idea out of the computer by providing an open platform for hardware “plug-in” development.

DIYRE has been developing this idea for a couple of years in the 500 series format, a modular signal processing format found primarily in recording studios. A few companies picked up on the idea of making Colours to work with the Colour Palette, and unsurprisingly, these same 500 series Colours will work in the Eurorack format version using a simple adapter. To further complicate things, there are two kinds of Colours; Colour and Colour CV. The Colour CV cards will interact with the controls on the front of the module, while the more basic Colour devices will not.

There are a number of interesting Colours already available to be modded on to the Colour Palette, like Black Market’s Woof and Tweet Filters as well as the WMD Wave Compiler and Variac Distortion Colour CV cards. There are also some interesting looking signal processors in the 500 series of Colours, such as the Louder than Liftoff Pentode Tube Distortion and the Eisen Audio Multi-Stage Saturator.

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Colour Palette by Black Market Modular

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