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Tomorrow, Los Angeles will host the latest Modular On The Spot, a free public modular synth performance event featuring a different group of local artists each month. This month will feature Cyrus Rex, Anthony Baldino, Ted James Butler, Nicholas Rossi and myself, Computo.

Developed and curated by Modular Artist and Skateboarding Photographer Eric “Rodent” Cheslak with Bassist and Modular Musician Bana Haffar, the event began in July 2015 with a rogue meetup at Marsh Park along the LA River. The local modular community gathered to bid farewell to hometown heroes Baseck and Joy Through Noise (aka Twin Braids) for their move to Portland, and were treated to performances by M. Geddes Gengras, Twin Braids, Izapa and the events two hosts.

Organized events drawing in a certain number of people to a public park can sometimes require a permit in LA. With the amplified nature of modular synthesizers, a generator and speakers were carted in to a remote corner of the park under the watchful gaze of the local Ranger. The event drew at least 50 people, yet didn’t disturb another permitted event happening on the other side of the park.

The most recent event in August became an adventure, as Rangers were less forgiving of the amplified music and the event was booted from the park. But in classic underground LA fashion, a nearby commercial parking lot was commandeered and the event commenced without further interruption. The night included incredible sets from Voltagectrlr, Mike Dobler, Patrick O’brien, Black Sunr1se and C1t1zen. The atmosphere of the decrepit LA River-adjacent parking lot was a stark contrast to the art and technology on hand. Real underground music.

This time, Modular On The Spot is moving across the alley from the parking lot to the more luxurious outdoor patio of the Spoke Bicycle Cafe. An espresso bar built to open out onto the popular LA River bike path, the Spoke Cafe has garnered a fair bit of attention from the local bicycle community for their forward thinking business model.

Come join us tomorrow September 23rd from 6-8 PM for some amazing music and an epic modular nerd out at Modular On The Spot!

Do you take your modular out of the house to play? Let us know in the comments below!

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Modular On The Spot with LA Artists

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