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One of the most important events in the modular synthesis multiverse is happening this weekend, Knobcon 4, which takes place in Chicago from September 11th to 13th. Knobcon is the first (and so far only) convention focused exclusively on synthesizers. In it’s fourth year, Knobcon has gained a reputation in the community for being both a fun and informative event. More importantly, it gives artists and enthusiasts an opportunity to meet the people who are designing and making the modules we are using today.

Knobcon began in 2012, when founder Suit and Tie Guy (aka Eric Williamson) put together the first event. Since then, the event has garnered the attention of the modular community annually, bringing together large and small modular manufacturers to show off their gear and tease new products. Many companies have taken to announcing new products around or at Knobcon as well, creating a din of excitement online about what modules may appear. Knobcon 4 has even attracted some major music manufacturers from beyond the modular sphere including sponsorships from Roland, Novation and even Yamaha.

Beyond the exhibitions and gear lust, Knobcon is also a social opportunity, putting users and makers side by side to discuss the future of modular development. There are also events outside of the convention hall, including the opening night reception which features live music from Geoff White, Suit and Tie Guy himself and others. There will also be a Saturday night banquet featuring guest speaker Malcolm Cecil followed by another evening of performances from Mark Verbos, Oliver Dodd and more. Plenty of merriment is guaranteed, I’m sure.


There will also be a number of workshops covering panel design and fabrication, vinyl record production, an interview with Malcolm Cecil, question/answer sessions and many other subjects. As well, you can step into the “Quiet” exhibition room, where there will be curated modular systems available with headphones for silent, headache-free testing and experimentation. You’ll probably want to have earplugs ready for the other events…

Voltage Control Lab will have a wrap-up about Knobcon from our on-the-spot reporter and buddy Eric Wistrand, so say hello and get in some photos with him and you might see yourself on the blog soon!

Will you be at Knobcon 4 this weekend? Let us know what awesome gear you see in the comments!!!

Wondering what all that crazy gear is or how to use it? Check out our Modular 101:Intro to Eurorack course and find out!



Knobcon 2015 This Weekend!

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