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This week, Sputnik Modular uploaded a clever teaser to their new Youtube channel for the hotly anticipated new Dual Oscillator. Featuring a patch performed by Bay area producer/sound designer Rico Loverde, the Dual Oscillator is (perhaps strategically) obscured by a number of cables. With a few modules that are fueling great interest in the modular community, Sputnik is on the cusp of something big with this device.


The Dual Oscillator is nearly an exact clone of the famous Buchla 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator with a few sensible alterations that save some panel space, such as fewer outputs (which could easily be doubled using a buffered mult module). Like the 259, the Dual Oscillator has 2 separate “Generators” (Oscillators), each with matching frequency tuning controls and 1 Volt per Octave inputs, linear FM inputs and pitch CV inputs with associated attenuvertors (similar to the original Sputnik Oscillator).

From there the Generators take unique paths with separate functions and waveform outputs. Generator 1 can be used as a modulation source for Generator 2, and features different modulation waveforms and an LFO mode for subsonic oscillation. The Mod section in between the Generators allows the user to select exactly what function Generator 1 will modulate, including Amplitude, Frequency and Timbre modulation. The tone produced by the Final output on Generator 2 can be altered even further using the Harmonics and Timbre sections. And this is just scratching the surface.


Last Friday, I had the chance to play with the new Sputnik Dual Oscillator at the latest Analogue Haven synth meet, where Darkplace Manufacturing was showing off some of the latest modules they are working on (including the new Roland 500 series). I was able to fiddle with the new module a bit, which felt robust and sounded enormous. Yesterday, Darkplace posted a photo on Facebook of the first production run unit of the Dual Oscillator. Malekko co-owner Josh Holley, who works closely with Darkplace, commented “I just got lost for about 45 minutes playing with it.” I can’t imagine a better testimonial!


Will the Dual Oscillator find it’s way into your modular system? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dual Oscillator Teaser from Sputnik

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