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A new live Modular Synth performance from Keith Fullerton Whitman appeared online today. Featuring the piece “Redactions”, the recording was made while Whitman was performing at the Terraforma Festival in Milan, Italy.

Known in the IDM world under another his many monikers, Hrvatski, Whitman has taken a more experimental, classical approach to his work under his own name. Releasing a number of albums as Hrvatski including three self-released records and two on Planet Mu, Whitman became a recognizable name in the IDM scene, while at the same time cultivating an enormous body of more intellectual work. This stretched into academia when Whitman’s piece Sampleaccurate1.5 was included in the Computer Music Journal Volume 24 release from MIT Press in 2000, with other artists like Kid 606, Coil and Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky. His works under his own name have been released by Carpark, Kranky and a number of other labels.

Whitman spoke with in February about his early days with Modular Synths…

The first rack I put together started when I went to Berlin in 1998 or 1999. The apartment in Mitte where I was staying was above a place that used to be a synth shop and only sold Doepfer modules. I’d get my döner kebab and stand in front of the window looking at this big synth and thinking: Wouldn’t this be easier than messing around with my laptop and Max? So I got an oscillator and a filter in a small suitcase. Then every six months I’d go back to Berlin and buy a couple more modules.


When asked about whether the gear overshadows the music, Whitman had this to say…

A lot of this gear-heavy talk is a product of gear-heavy music. It’s not necessarily always a good thing. The best music always transcends technique and whatever system you’re using.

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Keith Fullerton Whitman Live!!

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