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Abstract Data will be showing off their new ADE-32 Octocontroller module this Saturday September 5th in London, England at London Modular. The new module is packed with features and builds on the growing list of modules in the Abstract Data Eurorack line. An 8 output, programmable, multi-function module, the Octocontroller is a behemoth in relatively small package. In the video below from MusikMesse 2015, Abstract Data owner Justin Owen walks through some of the functionality of the Octocontroller with Sonic State.

Each of the 8 Octocontroller outputs can output Gates, Triggers, LFOs, Noise and more. The ADE-32 also generates an internal clock, or can be clocked from an external source. Clock divisions and multiples can be assigned for each output as well, from 16th note divisions to 16 bar steps, creating a wide range of possible uses. There are a few exciting teases in the walk through as well. One item that instantly jumps out is the loop-able Sample and Hold function, which effectively allows for a more musical application of timed random voltages. The module also contains arpeggios and rhythms that can be assigned to each output.


Owen writes on the MuffWiggler Forums

There is no menu-diving – the top-level features are all accessible using a simple navigation system – however, there are some deeper, user-defineable features that allow the module to be configured to each user’s preference.

Here’s a video demonstration of the ADE-32 from Ben “DivKid” Wilson, who has some additional Octocontroller demos on his Youtube page, “DivKidMusic”. And remember, you can check out the Octocontroller at London Modular this Saturday at the Abstract Data in-store event.

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Abstract Data Octocontroller

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