Two days ago, composer and modular synth aficionado Venetian Snares put out a call for help via Facebook. Facing unexpected financial difficulties, the artist posted links to his Bandcamp page with a message asking for fans to please buy his work. With 11 albums and EPs available through the site (some for sale as low as $2), this is a great opportunity to help this prolific composer, whether you know his work already or you’ve just learned of him.

Venetian Snares, also known as Aaron Funk, is an enigmatic artist who skirts the edge between chaos and musical clarity. Centered in Winnipeg, the grit of the icy North seems to ooze from his music. His earlier work is a logical progression from the comparatively tame Drum’n’bass and Gabber of the mid-90s and the dark and beautiful electronic assault from the likes of Squarepusher and Aphex Twin in the UK. And while Funk started carving out a niche for himself early on, he clearly tries not to take his work as seriously as some artists, as can be heard in his earliest work on his Bandcamp page, Fuck Canada // Fuck America, which begins with a literal piss-take.


Not only is this a great chance to help an amazing artist, but you can also see a clear progression over the course of these works. We mentioned Funk’s work recently in a piece about Datach’i and Planet Mu Records, the label on which Funk has released his latest album, Your Face. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with Venetian Snares or to introduce his work to a friend.


Help Venetian Snares!!

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