Now that I Dream Of Wires, the seminal modular synthesis documentary, has made it to Netflix in some regions, this seems like a good time to re-examine some of the extended interviews with the artists who appear in the film.

Many of us are familiar with the Hardcore Edition of the I Dream Of Wires, a 4 hour long compendium of the history of modular synthesis and its modern resurgence with the Eurorack format. The Netflix cut comes in at a much more concise 102 minutes, omitting some segments, but tantalizing a new, uninitiated set with the wizardry of modular synth.


Fortunately for Netflix viewers, the I Dream Of Wires team has maintained a video page with extended interviews with some of the interesting characters who appear in the film. Above is the clip which features Nine Inch Nails creator, Trent Reznor and his collaborator and synth fanatic, Alessandro Cortini (check out more about Alessandro’s most recent release here), discussing their love affair with analog modular gear as well as Trent’s notable disgust with the digital gear revolution of the 80’s.

Another featured artist that viewers will want to spend more time with is Los Angeles native, Drumcell, who, with his partners in Droid Behavior, has fostered of the most revered underground techno scenes in the United States. A master of many disciplines, Drumcell tours relentlessly while releasing new experimental work on a regular basis with his label Droid Recordings. One of the people to introduce myself to the Eurorack modular world, Drumcell has some inspiring stories about his own initiation into the electronic music world. Some other important artists who appear include Richard Devine, Carl Craig and Cyrus Rex, who was a guest at one of this past summer’s CNTRPNT events.

There are, of course, criticisms of I Dream Of Wires among some particularly persnickety modular purists. No film of reasonable length could consume the multitude of stories and names that are wrapped into the history of modular synthesis and electronic music. But I Dream Of Wires presents a fairly comprehensive exploration of this history, and will inevitably lead viewers to a deeper understanding of what it is that we do.

I Dream Of Wires Extended Footage

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