Last summer, Richard Devine posted an image of the first modules from the new Sputnik Modular system. At the time, 7 modules were teased, but only 6 made it to the stores. The errant, Fifth Element-invoking Multipass Filter was never released. However, Sputnik Modular creator, Roman Filippov commented on Devine’s photo that 15 more modules were said to be under development at that time.

Some of these 15 modules have since been officially announced or released, including the currently available complex VCA Valve Multiplier and the sequential switch Selector as well as the soon to be released Buchla Music Easel-inspired Multitouch Keyboard, the complex Dual Oscillator and the much-anticipated Spectral Processor.

This past Friday, Filippov posted images of two more modules, including what looks to be a fantastic new Sequential Filter. Without a dedicated filter until now, the Sputnik system made use of the Quad VCF/VCA and it’s lopass gate/amplifier combination. But this new Sequential Filter appears to be making a place for itself.

Filippov commented on his Instagram post

This module may be also used as a 3-channel 8-step 8-preset sequencer via Freq, Q [Reso] and AM cv outputs. LED-rings show the current voltage level.

You read that right, an 8-step 8-preset sequencer, apparently for the three main knobs at the top of the module. This means a dedicated step sequencer for your filter, built into the Sequential Filter! That is a pretty efficient use of space… Of course, Sputnik is pretty good about fitting tons of functionality under the hood of their modules, as evidenced in one of my favorite modules, the West Coast Random Source. That module may pair well with another module that was announced, the new Quad Random Source, a randomized trigger routing switch.

Of course, check out our recent video on designing a kick drum from the Sputnik Oscillator, and subscribe to our Youtube channel while you are there… We have a new video coming tomorrow!

And if you are in Portland, check out some of the new Sputnik modules at MuffWiggler!

What do you think of the Sequential Filter? Does it look like it may have a home in your system? Let us know in the comments!

Sputnik Teases Sequential Filter

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