A new video from Studio Stekker in the Netherlands by Sonic State features Richard Devine guiding us through his current modular live performance rig. As we mentioned in our previous article about Studio Stekker and Mark Verbos, Stekker has become an annual retreat for invited artists to collaborate and focus on their own work.

Richard Devine is in standard form here, delivering a clear and thoughtful tour of his constantly morphing modular system. Of course, Devine’s modular synthesis crew Trash Audio gets a notable shoutout. Working with an open book-style prototype case from Elite Cases, the current setup lays flat, side by side. This offers a convenient alternative to the clam shell case that we often see with portable systems, and removes an obstacle from between the performer and audience.

Devine says of Studio Stekker…

This is like a big studio complex where there are a lot of producers that are in the building. And they’re not all making modular music. They’re making various types of electronic and dance music, and come from various different backgrounds… It’s kind of a cool little community, which is neat!

Devine’s rig features a few Intellijel flying mult devices or HUBs (the big red octagonal devices littering the case) as well as some carefully wrangled cables velcro’d together to avoid covering important parameters. The case includes a number of Intellijel and Mutable Instruments modules. In addition to the case, Devine uses a number of outboard devices, including a modified Alesis Ineko with voltage controllable inputs, and a Nord Drum box. He also has an outboard Tip Top Audio Circadian Rhythms module, which is used to sequence his impossibly complex drum patterns. The next video from Sonic State will feature deeper coverage of the drum and rhythm setup.

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Richard Devine's Home Studio Rig
Richard Devine’s Home Studio Rig
Richard Devine Live Rig Tour

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