verbtronicPittsburgh Modular announced another new module today, the digital reverb unit Verbtronic. They have been very busy over there at Pittsburgh Modular, releasing a number of modules since this past winter, while also working with Studio Electronics on their series of analog modules.

I wrote about the recent release of the GameSystem just a week ago, saw the Pittsburgh Modular team at Analogue Haven this weekend, but somehow missed this new reverb unit. Verbtronic has some of the tell-tale functions that show up on any reverb unit, while strangely lacking others.

The Verbtronic has a large dry/wet knob, which we’d expect on most reverbs as rarely is reverb applied as a fully wet effect (though that yields some amazing results). There is also what appears to be a bi-polar filter similar to the design we might see on Roland devices, where left of 12 o’clock is a low pass filter, right of 12 o’clock is a high pass filter. I may be wrong, these may in fact be low or high shelf eqs to boost those frequency ranges, but generally we’ll see filters in reverb units to avoid a muddied low end so filtering out some of the lower frequencies seems more desirable.

The feedback knob seems to be acting as the reverb density and decay time functions on this device, as there is no other control dedicated for these functions. The feedback does what you might expect, it feeds the signal back into the input of the unit creating a feedback loop. Then as the dial increases, so does the intensity of the reverb giving the illusion of change in reverberation time. There is also a dedicated switch which switches between room size modes, each setting representing a vastly different sized space.

I would have liked to see more voltage controllable functionality on this device. One thing that really sets the Make Noise Erbe-Verb apart from the pack is the CV control of virtually every parameter on the panel. Of course, the Verbtronic is less than half the price of the costly Erbe-Verb, at only $199 (quite a bargain, I must say).


Pittsburgh Mod Verbtronic Announced

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