Today, I thought I’d share this series of videos made by Roland, featuring one of my past professors from college. Dr Richard Boulanger is one of the more revered gurus of sound design and synthesis in the Boston area, teaching for the past 25 years at Berklee College of Music. Known for his expertise with alternative computer music controllers and Csound (he literally wrote the book on it), Boulanger is also a seasoned composer and performer. “Dr. B” as he is commonly referred to, is a figurehead in the Boston electronic music community, a scene that thrives off of the creativity of his many students.

In this video series, Boulanger walks us through some of the many features of the new System 1M, Roland’s semi-modular Eurorack version of their System 1 keyboard. Demonstrating the in-depth functionality with the rest of the Roland Aira product line as well as with other common Eurorack modules and systems, Boulanger’s enthusiasm for modular synth is hard to ignore. He gingerly twists the attenuators with a quiet glee which instantly sells the viewer on his genuine love for the instrument.

A brief excerpt from Dr Boulanger’s bio from Boulanger Labs, his Csound-based plugin company…

Dr. Richard Boulanger was born in 1956 and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from the University of California, San Diego where he worked at the Center for Music Experiment’s Computer Audio Research Lab. He continued his computer music research at Bell Labs, CCRMA, the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, and IBM while working closely with Max Mathews and Barry Vercoe. Dr. Boulanger has premiered his original interactive works at the Kennedy Center and appeared on stage performing his Radio Baton and PowerGlove Concerto with the Krakow and Moscow Symphonies.

Who are the professors, teachers or mentors that have positively influenced your musical mind? Leave us a comment and let us know!



Richard Boulanger for Roland

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