Today brings the latest update for CV Toolkit, the Beats Pack. A software-based collection of modulators, CV Toolkit can be used in conjunction with a DC-coupled audio interface or the Expert Sleepers interface modules to output control voltages that can be used to control other Eurorack modules.

The Beats Pack introduces 5 new modules to the already existing collection of tools in the application. Some of these new modules are inspired by hardware modules currently on the market, and for around $20 for the entire CV Toolkit, that’s a quick and cheap avenue to some powerful modulation tools.

The new modules included in the Beats Pack are Binary Sequencer, Clock Quartet, Gate Sequencer, Sequential Rhythms and VC Random Gates.


The Binary Sequencer is essentially an 8 step gate sequencer, with an additional flip side with 8 more steps. The sequences can be controlled via the attenuators in the application, as well as the built in routing Matrix, another very powerful tool from the original CV Toolkit. Sequence Rate, gate length and sequence rotation are all easily accessible on the Binary Sequencer panel.

The Clock Quartet is inspired by the TipTop Audio Trigger Riot, and incredibly complex trigger pattern generator, commonly used for drum pattern sequencing. Using 4 separate clock dividers in each Clock Quartet, unique and interesting patterns can be generated without focusing on note specific composition. The clock dividers are combined using OR logic, so certain rules apply when the 4 different clocks play on the same beat. There are also available controls for each clock divider, including pulsewidth, probability (one of my favorite additions) and clock shifting (beat offset).

The Gate Sequencer is a 4 to 32 step sequencer, with probability and pulsewidth (gate length, in this case) controls. There are also controls for the clock rate and number of steps, and internal and external clock selection. A random function for the sequencers would be nice, but using some creative routing of the Matrix, you can probably generate all kinds of semi-random patterns by combining this sequencer with the Clock Quartet or the next tool.

Sequential Rhythms is a clock division sequencer, a great idea I can imagine taking a number of physical modules to pull off in the hardware realm. I am thinking the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor with a Sputnik Selector sequential switch here, to change the output clock every bar or even division of time. The Sequential Rhythms is a great addition to the Beats Pack ($9.99 vs $400 worth of modules at least) especially as a compliment to the other modules, as it includes some randomizing and the potential to quickly complicate simple patterns.

VC Random Gates is based on the Qu-bit Electronix NanoRand and generates random clock quantized gates based on the complexity settings. As evidenced by the name, no matter what the settings on the panel, random gates are generated constantly based on a clock input. Depending on the complexity knob value, the gates will generate quarter notes to smaller divisions of time, with a certain probability of no gates being played at all. Another interesting device when combine with the other tools in the CV Toolkit

The CV Toolkit Beats Pack is a big addition to the already robust collection of modules in the application. At the price, the package is a no-brainer. Purists might decry the modular-computer interface, but in terms of functionality and value, you can’t beat the CV Toolkit.

CV Toolkit Beats Pack

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