Here is our first video tutorial, featuring the gorgeous Sputnik Modular Oscillator. This oscillator is perfect for kick drum programming thanks to a few special features that set it apart from some other basic oscillators.

This video demonstrates a starting point for kick drum sound design, utilizing a single envelope to control both the pitch of the oscillator as well as the amplifier it is routed through. By using this single envelope, we can tweak our sound dramatically simply by using the decay control on the envelope.

The waveshape function of the Sputnik Oscillator is particularly useful for adding in a bit more presence and providing some punch on the square and ramp wave side. The CV input with the attenuverter also offers a unique way to modulate the pitch of the oscillator, which is perfect for this kind of sound.

The waveshape out is a crossfader between a sine wave and either square or ramp wave via control voltage (0V to +5V) or a front panel knob. Both the waveshape section’s square and ramp have a distinctive harmonic character different from most VCOs.
-From the Sputnik Oscillator documentation

Sputnik is releasing a ton of new modules this summer, including their new Dual Oscillator, the Valve Multiplier and a pretty fancy lookin’ Spectral Processor. Look for more about these modules soon, right here on Voltage Control Lab or browse some of the new modules at MuffWiggler.

We will take this routing and idea further in our upcoming Sound Design for Modular Synthesis course, which will launch in mid-September!

Don’t recognize some of the above terms? We’ll also be adding our Modular 101: The Basics of Modular Synth around the same time!

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Sputnik Kick Tutorial

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