For some reason, tomorrow August 1st, seems to be Modular Day in Los Angeles (and perhaps elsewhere). A ton of local modular luminaries will be performing, with free food, product demos and gear giveaways included…


Tomorrow brings the official grand opening of a new music technology retail store, Perfect Circuit Audio, in Burbank, California from 4-9 pm. The event features performances from Twin Braids, Kid 606, John Tejada and more, as well as gear giveaways and free tacos(!!!!).

The store has been in operation for several years online, recently moving to their new storefront location on Empire Ave near the Bob Hope Airport. It’s an elegant store with headphones at every station and table for easy and private browsing of new gear. LA Weekly wrote a piece about the founder of Perfect Circuit Audio, tracing the roots of the store back to synth flipping out of a spare room in the owners home.

“It wasn’t about making money in the beginning,” says Brad. “It was about being able to get gear I couldn’t afford and amassing gear.” Then Brad realized that he had enough cash from the sales to pay his rent. In 2007, two years after he got into the synth-flipping game, he got a business license for Perfect Circuit Audio.

Not to be outdone, Modular Day continues as long established synth mega-shop Analogue Haven will be having their own event in Santa Monica, featuring a host of performances and gear demos from an impressive line-up of artists and companies including Rodent, Kitty Spit and Chris Randall from Audio Damage. Their event goes from Noon-8pm, so it’s completely reasonable to go to both events!

Modular Day is REAL, people.


Modular Day in LA August 1st

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