Modular 101

This course covers the basics of modular synthesis. We will discuss everything from the meaning of CV, gates and triggers to modular case and power issues, to modules and basic signal routing.

Sound Design 101

This course covers signal flow and sound design in the modular system. We will discuss creating subtractive synthesis voices and drum sounds to frequency modulation, creative sequencing, sampling and more.

The Many Faces of Maths

This course covers the Make Noise Maths module. Whether you just bought Maths or you have the first edition, this course will open up a world of possibilities with this wonderful device.

Modular Drumming

This course covers everything related to Modular Synthesis drum sound design and programming. We cover everything from creating complex percussive sounds to sequencing and modulating interesting patterns.

Sound Design w/ System 1M

This course delves into the mysterious world of the semi-modular synthesizer. A perfect gateway into the world of Modular Synthesis, this powerful instrument is ideal for learning sound design.

Live Modular Techniques

Performing live with a Modular Synthesizer may seem daunting. We will focus on refining your artistic vision and discuss how to progress beyond concepts to fully formed, evolving performances.

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Student Testimonials

Joe was my instructor for a previous sound design course, and so I already knew what a competent, experienced, and approachable teacher he is. When I heard he was going to start hosting modular synth classes online, I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Bradley M. Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed Joe's way of going through the basics of entering the mighty world of modulars. From building to patching, Joe was totally available to answer any questions. I walked in with zero experience whatsoever and now I can patch my own bleeps and bloops!

Kamel O. Los Angeles, CA

Joe's course on Maths really helped break down a bunch of the uses of this multi-functional module. He thoroughly explained the individual sections and how they can work together, went through patch examples and explained in detail what was going on.

Manny M. Los Angeles, CA